Liquor Max has partnered with 24sevencommerce to integrate POS systems to its eCommerce platform, offering an improved solution that covers wine-cellars’ needs better than ever before. After having revolutionized the eCommerce space for liquor sales, Liquor Max has taken a step ahead in providing a holistic solution to manage inventories better and streamline sales with an easier, intuitive interface.

Liquor Max

Liquor Max is a platform for your liquor store’s eCommerce wing – helping you take your liquor sales online. The company serves clients across the United States and provides a variety of services including rebuilding your business’ existing website or developing a custom website for your brand from scratch.

Shifting business to digital platforms is the need of the hour and extending this convenience to liquor is now a reality, thanks to the innovative practices at Liquor Max. Your website is your identity, and additionally, it is a space for buyers to interact with and procure from you. Having a sturdy system in place to manage the pages and products on your website, without worrying about the limits in numbers or quantities, aids your business and keeps you focused on the more relevant things.

Adding Strength to A Solid Base

The integration of Liquor Max with a POS system completely changes your sales and inventory management experiences. POS integration simplifies product management both online and offline. Liquor Max constantly works to ease the business and processing that our clients do. Partnering with 24SevenCommerce, Liquor Max is now providing a system where our clients can manage inventory and prices across their offline stores as well.

The sturdy backend removes room for human error and provides a constant, seamless, up-to-date preview of the available stock. POS integration into the existing eCommerce store also helps managing price levels that are automatically processed. Managing offline stores also becomes easier, thanks to the option of converting POS data into an eCommerce compatible form and using the automated process for uploading newly added products and their updated prices to the existing database.

Liquor Max understands the need for creating sales orders and generating receipts in a flash – the faster the better – and has therefore partnered with 24SevenCommerce to manage these tasks with their customized features.

The Octopus Bridge

Creating a unified system that manages both offline and online sales is made possible due to the Octopus Bridge – a cloud-based middleware that links the wine stores with the POS system. Be it an offline store in a single location or a chain of stores that need to come under one banner, the Octopus Bridge integrates each different offline location as a separate POS system and connects it with the online storefront, providing an easy solution to keep an updated inventory and analyze sales and orders from each location.

24SevenCommerce provides a synchronized inventory data management solution irrespective of the number of storefronts – 24/7/365. This eliminates the possibility of out-of-stock situations and keeps customer satisfaction levels high, while simultaneously reducing manual labor costs and increasing process efficiency.

Liquor Max has tapped into this resourceful solution so that wine sellers across the country can enjoy the benefits of POS integration with their existing websites and platforms – enhancing the overall experience for both businesses and the customers.

About 24SevenCommerce

With 19 years of experience in POS-eCommerce integration, 24SevenCommerce is regarded as the eCommerce expert. We provide proactive solutions that are customized based on every individual requirement of their clientele. 24SevenCommerce stands out as a solution provider who cares about the client’s business and has innovative solutions that empower business owners and increase overall business and profit levels.

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