Just to be crystal clear, we’re writing this article in mid-May of 2020 – a time unlike anything human beings have experienced since the advent of recorded history, and one that just sucks, to be perfectly honest.  The world is shut down and the people are bored.  They’re confused.  A bit angry, and completely in the dark as to what the future has in store.  Could there be a more fitting time for alcohol?

If you make your life’s work in the wine, beer and booze business, this is absolutely not the time to be without a properly-designed and expertly optimized website.  People are social distancing, afraid of walking into stores, and ordering everything online in an effort to ride out this horrible COVID-19 wave.  And liquor sales, not surprisingly, are thriving.  If you’re not online, make no mistake… your competitors are.

Liquor Max is a state-of-the-art website development/content management system that uses your company’s core information to create stunning, easy-to-manage SEO-optimized websites that allow you to sell online, ship to a more broad customer base, and effortlessly manage your inventory, online branding and customer communication.

  • Fully customized liquor store websites to showcase your services and strengths
  • Each website is expertly optimized to encourage better search engine results
  • Our CMS is the most advanced and easy to use for making updates on the fly
  • Increase liquor sales and store visibility by creating a strong online presence
  • We adhere to Google’s most current algorithm requirements to keep you visible
  • Add new products, create promotions, update images and more, effortlessly

More People Are Buying Liquor Online. You Need a Website… Now!

The days of 100% exclusive walk-in clientele has gone the way of the cassette tape, do not get left behind because you elected not to offer customers an online ordering/shipping option. It’s just lunacy.  Liquor Max will design and develop a gorgeous website based on the traits that make your store unique, with secure online ordering, custom graphics, top-notch security and the freedom to make changes instantly and effortless.

Get started today.  Because, right now, your ecommerce-savvy competitors are busy fulfilling orders that should be going to you!  Liquor Max offers free online consultations and site planning, and can be reached online though our contact page.  Or give us a call at 585- 348-8127.