Retail Management Hero (RMH) Store is a complete, industry-leading point of sale (POS) solution designed specifically for retail establishments operating within any vertical. RMH Store is a popular replacement for Microsoft RMS.

This windows-based solution is the perfect fit for single location retail establishments. The highly customizable interface allows each organization to tailor the system to fit their unique business needs, all created with retail customer experience in mind.



Ecommerce Store


Multiple Stores

Pop-Up Store

Robust functionality built for enterprise

Inventory Control

Create a unified stocking solution across multiple stores and centralize the management of suppliers, orders, and invoices.


Gain more visibility into operations with a complete reporting system for each aspect of centralized store management.

Schedule Sales & Promotions

Enhance your sales and promotions by managing them for all retail locations from one centralized management platform.


Choose from multiple languages, taxation methods (including VAT), and payment options for many regions throughout the world

Accounts Receivable

Manage the financial aspects of your accounts with a centralized view of your billing system.

Gift & Loyalty

Leverage the power of a complete gift and loyalty system to enhance the customer experience in all retail locations.


Operating across multiple retail stores can be challenging.
RMH Central has the elements to help your operations better manage:

  • Store to Store Transfers
  • Suppliers & Purchase Orders
  • Product Pricing & Discounts Across Stores
  • Departments & Categories
  • Regional Store Groupings
  • Enterprise Level Item Setup and Management

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