Retail Management Hero (RMH) Store is a complete, industry-leading point of sale (POS) solution designed specifically for retail establishments operating within any vertical. RMH Store is a popular replacement for Microsoft RMS.

This windows-based solution is the perfect fit for single location retail establishments. The highly customizable interface allows each organization to tailor the system to fit their unique business needs, all created with retail customer experience in mind.

Free eCommerce Website with RMH

Fashion Retail


Liquor Store
& Bottle Shops

Thrift Stores


Comic Book Shops

Hardware Stores

Automotive Parts Store


A simple, clean, and intuitive design means retailers will gain a competitive edge with the RMH Store solution.
Some of the key features of the system include:

  • Single and multi-unit management functions
  • Comprehensive Inventory and Purchasing functions
  • Built-in Customer Loyalty and Account Management
  • Open Architecture with Robust API
  • Perpetual license and SaaS purchase options
  • Mobile POS available through iOS operating system


Gain insights into all essential areas of your retail store software:

Customer Purchase History

Leverage valuable insights to discover what products your customers are purchasing the most.

Sales Forecasting

Predict what sales will be like based on historical data so your operations can create an effective plan for the future.

Inventory Analysis

Better automate and manage back office operations and gain more insights into your business.

Reporting & Analytics

Generate custom reports to view the data you need to make the best decisions for your operations.

Sales & Promotions

Track the sales your business makes and how customers interact with your hand-crafted sales and promotions.

Product Movement

From purchase orders processing, through inventory control, and accounts receivable, know where products are across your operations.

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